Saturday, June 2, 2007

Work, Work, Work, Holiday!

Well, I'm feeling really lucky right now as my work is turning into a holiday for a week! I'm organising a conference for our company and a few clients and the MD has charged me with organising an impressive venue. Bunnie suggested I look into private castles in Scotland... that girl has some great ideas when it comes to planning fun times... so we are hiring a castle that is available for luxury Scottish vacations and having the conference there.
The really great thing is I don't need to worry about catering for our guests, we can rent the castle fully staffed. There are plenty of castles for hire in Scotland to choose from, many are close to the airport so I guess we can all fly up from London in an hour or so. Should be great!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Nokia

I love Nokia handsets, I reckon they are the only mobile phones worth considering. Other manufacturers just dont compare. You can pick up any other Nokia and instantly feel at home with it.
For my new mobile phone this year I am going to get a Nokia 6111, a pretty cool all-round handset. You can get it free on the Orange network - they offer the best mobile phone deals. I love a good slider phone because I have really clumsy hands and I always press the buttons and forget to put the number lock thing on!
Having a mp3 player and camera will be pretty cool too... theyre kind of standard features on a phone now!

Monday, April 9, 2007

The Best Web Directories

Submitting your site to the directories on the lists published by Best Web Directories will increase your pagerank and visibility on the web. They list both free directories and paid directories as there are advantages to both. You may be thinking 'Why would I submit to a paid directory when there are free ones that look much the same?' This is understandable, but there are usually advantages to submitting to paid directories. They are generally much more established and have higher page rank. They will probably bring you more traffic and a higher position in SERPs. It takes time to submit to hundreds of free directories, but a paid link may be worth as much as 50 or 100 of these free ones.

SEO Tools and Resources

I was using the keyword analysis tools on my blog and found that I don't really focus on any particular topic. That isn't unusual for bloggers as the average person has many interests that they will write about, not focusing on one particular niche.
Other good tools found at include link popularity tools and also an excellent SEO glossary that explains many of the terms and acronyms associated with the industry. I had often wondered what a cache was!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Deep Links

If you are working on SEO for your website you may notice that a lot of directories do basically the same thing and just list home pages of websites. Directory is different - it asks that webmasters submit deep links to their websites. In this way the directory lists the best page from each website. I think it is a good idea - it makes people think a little differently, and a little difference goes a long way!
Some great categories include a directory of directories and a comprehensive shopping category.

The In Road For Buyers of First Time Pasco Wa Homes

While an auction may not be the best venue for a buyer of Pasco Wa homes unfamiliar with the process, getting a foreclosure property one step farther in the process is indeed a viable option. Because a home purchased from a real estate agent or directly from a bank can be assured to have cleared all of the potential financial claims against it, a first time home buyer can instead have confidence in their purchase that they won’t be pursued as the new Pasco Wa homes owner of the property to settle any debts incurred by the previous owner.

Additionally, navigating the process of purchasing a foreclosure home is simply not familiar to most first time home buyers and as a result, buying under a more standard process with a real estate agent involved offers an easier way to purchase a home for a bit of a financial benefit without having to learn a great deal to do so. A first time home buyer already with a bead on a foreclosure Pasco Wa homes property as a potential target can partner that good intuition up with a simpler process to create a value-laden transaction that will land a first home.

Take Advantage Of Large Kennewick Wa Homes Space

Most potential buyers of Kennewick Wa homes have an idea of how they want to furnish a property before ever stepping foot into a showing and it is your responsibility to make sure that their vision can be accommodated by the space available in your property while still showing off some of your own ideas that make the specific traits of the home shine through. It is this balance of a potential home buyer’s personal tastes and the way the home can play off of those preconceived notions that will create an environment that a potential buyer of Kennewick Wa homes can envision making their own.

Doing so is largely an exercise in emphasizing the space available in the home, particularly in large areas where much of the potential buyer’s own personality will be projected. Never let a home, when possible, sit with an empty, large space as it will be very difficult for a buyer to envision their own life fitting into Kennewick Wa homes. A potential buyer wants to see a lived-in space that reflects the nature of the property, even though they are probably replacing your sofa in their mind with their own.

Without A Trace, as Reported by Washington Real Estate News

Entering a home for a showing and being confronted by a set of barking dogs is enough to make some potential buyers not enter the home at all, Washington Real Estate News reports. Similarly, the sight of a clump of cat hair on the sofa can sour some potential buyers as they try to envision themselves in your property. They won’t think you are a bad person or a bad pet owner, but they will come away from a showing with a bad taste in their mouth due in large part to your pet’s effect.

Your job, Washington Real Estate News suggests, is to remove any trace of your pet’s stay in the home, starting with the clutter that can sometimes come from pet toys and food dishes. A cage is fine and a tidy area where a pet spends most of his or her time will not harm a showing, but having a stray dog bone here and a messy food dish there can distract a buyer from the beautiful breakfast nook you keep or the immaculate counter top you just cleaned. Washington Real Estate News recommends not letting your pet become a part of the home evaluation equation.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Change in Diet

I've been told by the doctor that I have to change my diet. Too many years of good food and fast living have left me with high cholesterol. Not that it is a problem at the moment apparently, but in the future (maybe 10 years) if I don't reduce the cholesterol then I will be a prime candidate for a heart attack.
The doctor has given me a cholesterol diet to reduce the levels of cholesterol I am consuming. It seems like it is going to stop me eating fast food which is a real shame! Also things like my traditional roast Sunday dinner are going to have to be 'modified' to make them better for me.

Making Money Online

Bunnie has been asking me to help her out with her latest thing - she has decided that she wants to be an online entrepreneur, making money from building websites and promoting them. I thought at first she was being daft, but she sent me a link to these guys who pretty much lay out how to do the whole thing
Self Made Minds offer advice that can be used by anyone new to the internet, as well as a few advanced tips. I reckon I could manage to crank out a few adsense mini-sites as they describe in their article, but I would use a blogging platform such as WordPress to create the site then no technical knowledge at all is needed, and editing the site later is a piece of cake.

Sell Tri City Wa Real Estate With Simple Staging Tips

Hiring a staging company to make your Tri City Wa home sparkle is a great way to help your home show better and more readily impress the potential buyers that take showings at your home, but staging is an expense that not all home sellers are willing to invest in. For those sellers, there are some tips that staging companies use to make a home show as well as it possibly can that can be implemented without too much work or hassle. While they will not substitute for a staging company, they can give your home a fresh look.

Capturing the attention of a Tri City Wa buyer that takes a showing with your home is one of the most important and overlooked parts of the home selling process as an inordinate amount of effort goes into generating interest on a property, so letting that interest fall flat with a bad showing is a big detriment to a timely and full price home sale. Don’t let your own home sale fall into that trap and instead use the showing as an opportunity to let the best aspects of your home shine through and communicate value to a buyer looking at the property with a critical eye at every turn.

Staging can be an expensive process and while it certainly spruces up the way a home shows, many sellers bristle at the thought of adding additional expense to the home selling process. For those sellers, emphasizing the current space and showing off new uses for each nook and cranny can help a potential Tri City Wa real estate buyer see themselves in the home and communicate value to those you’ve tried so hard through diligent marketing efforts to get to see your home.

Recognize The Signs in Pasco Wa Real Estate

If something happens to cause a build up of carbon monoxide in your Pasco Wa real estate, you will likely feel the effects. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning range from flu-like symptoms at the start to more severe symptoms like a shortness of breath. If you constantly fill a little bit ill when you come home, look into the possibility that you have a carbon monoxide poisoning. Purchasing a detector is the best way to monitor your Pasco Wa real estate whether you feel ill or not, but if you are feeling some effects, investing in one is a necessity to at least eliminate carbon monoxide as a potential cause of your constant sickness.

When purchasing a carbon monoxide monitor, make sure that you buy one that has the ability to fall back on a battery should the power go out as many plug in. Place them near where you sleep to make sure that if an alarm goes off, you won’t simply sleep through it. A loud, clear alarm could be the difference between your ability to wake up and evacuate your family from Pasco Wa real estate and the prospect of sleeping through an alarm. Carbon monoxide detectors are typically not expensive and with a small cash outlay, you can remove a potential worry from your home and rest easier at night.

Richland Real Estate ~ Pack With Your Pet In Mind

One of the ways movers can get into trouble is by packing away valuable information that they may need on moving day for Richland real estate. Under a pile of boxes that all look the same, finding a piece of paper or bottle of medicine can be an exercise in finding a needle in a haystack. The same applies to your pet’s veterinary records, medications and other critical items that might be necessary on moving day. With all of the hustle and bustle around a move, it is entirely possible for something to happen to your pet. When moving Richland real estate, consider the worst case scenario for your pet and plan for it.

In that same vein, make sure that the identification for your pet is on the pet at all times and up to date should the hectic nature of moving cause you to misplace your pet. Proper and securely fastened identification is critical to a pet at any time, but especially so during a move that can expose the pet to sights and situations that could cause it to spook and run. Don’t let what should be an exciting day moving into a new Richland real estate home turn into a search for the family dog without proper identification.

Monday, March 26, 2007

When In Rome...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That's some kind of famous saying, I have no idea what it means, but when we are in Rome this spring we are going to be just like the locals and stay in an apartment rather than a hotel.
Rome Rents let out apartments on a short term basis to tourists. You can rent an apartment in Rome for a night or a week - its got to beat staying in a hotel, and the prices are competitive too. I'm really looking forward to our stay in Rome as part of our Italian holiday this spring.

More Holidays

Bunnie seems to have decided that we are going to Italy this year again. I'm all for going to Italy, especially in spring when we can miss the crowds and the weather is just how I like it (not too hot, not too cold!)
Holidays in Italy have always been underrated by Brits who prefer Spain or France... I just don't know why. I love going on holiday to Italy and indulging in some great food (loads of pizza and pasta), great wine, and some of the beers aren't bad either.
I think we might visit Rome on this trip too.

Kelowna Skiing Holiday

Bunnie has been asking me to look at holidays again. That girl needs a richer man! We are thinking of visiting Canada for a ski holiday. Hotel Kelowna looks good, hopefully we can find the right hotel at the right price. The cost of hotels is quite important when you go on holiday as much as we do! The Big White ski resort looks a great place and they have some good pricing for lift passes. All I need to do now is find a budget hotel and book some flights and thats the holiday planned!
Man, I love skiing. Snowboarding might be 'cooler' but you just can't beat skis.

Wealth Building

Starting your path to riches as soon as possible is a great idea. If you start saving and investing in your teens or twenties when all your friends are out partying and building up debt then you are sure to have a comfortable life. The trouble is that wealth building just doesn't appeal to many young people.
Take the time out to plan your wealth strategy. Have a good long think about what you need at different stages of your life. Make a plan... don't be scared of planning - plans can be changed. I wish you well on your road to riches.

Compare The Price of WoW Gold

When looking to buy World of Warcraft gold it pays to shop around. WoW gold price list has a comparison of various reputable WoW gold sellers. They highlight the best prices so that you don't have to trawl the internet looking for the cheapest WoW gold.
I have bought WoW gold from their sellers and found that it was quick and easy. The gold sellers are professional and honest. If you need power levelling or to buy items for World of Warcraft then WoW gold price list can help you out too.

World of Warcraft

Did you know that you can no longer buy World of Warcraft gold on eBay? Ebay has become concerned with the legal aspect of selling WoW gold and items, in fact they have banned all virtual trading with the exception of Second Life, as SL has a clear policy that items created by users are their own intellectual property.
If you want to buy WoW gold then there are reputable sellers on the internet. Cheap WoW gold and items are still available, so you don't have to do the boring stuff in WoW!

The Difficulty Of Moving On in West Richland Wa Real Estate

The reason the value of a West Richland Wa home can become such an issue for a seller is the amount of emotional attachment to the home fostered over a million memories created in the home, no matter how long the seller happened to live there. A seller is aware of all of the little things that were done to the home, the minor improvements here and there that have taken the home from its raw state at purchase to the mature home that is now on the market for a new owner. That transition can produce many mixed feelings, one of them an over-inflated image of what West Richland real estate is worth.

As difficult as it may be, the best advice for a seller is to remain as neutral as possible during the home’s sale process, using an impartial eye to look at the home as it stands in relation to other homes in the area with a similar set of amenities. Doing so will help a West Richland Wa seller not only get out of the way of the pricing process targeted at selling the home quickly, but will take away some of the stress the home selling process can create with every step along the way.